My Dear Friends,

As we head into the week of the primary election, I am reminded every
day of one thing, how much you mean to me.  When I wake up and see my
children, I remember that I’m running for County Council for them, for
you and for the next generation.

You motivate me to get up, roll up my sleeves, and get to work for a
better way of life on Kauai.  We may have had a conversation at the
grocery store, the movie theater, a soccer game, or other community
event.  Your concerns are my concerns and I have heard you.  You the
beautiful people of Kauai, have served as constant reminders to me as
to why I am doing it in the first place.  It is for our collective
future.  It is for our past.  It is for today.

I love each and every one of you.  Your encouragement strengthens me,
it keeps me focused and driven, and it humbles me.  Thank you for your
support and for your vote!

Mahalo Nui Loa,

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