Honoring our Past, Building Our Future.

Honoring our past. Building our future.

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leader of our community

“After spending about three years in the mayor’s office I now can understand the perspective that many of our constituents have towards government. I understand now how challenging it is to make change happen. But I’m still driven by that same motivation I had as a 20-year-old young adult that was just starting a family who was extremely frustrated and wanting to make a change for the better. I am still driven to implement changes. I am still driven to restore trust in government.

As honored as I am to be your Mayor, I am a husband and father first. Monica and I want to be a part of an island community that supports our son Christopher and our daughter Hailee. And I want the same for your sons and daughters, your grandchildren and their children. I am driven to create a better Kauaʻi for the next generation.

I am so blessed because every day I get to wake up on this beautiful island that we call home and work alongside a dedicated group of public servants and partners.” – Derek Kawakami

Our Island Communities

Mayor Kawakami recognizes the uniqueness of Kauaʻi communities. Hear and see what he has to say for each.



Town Hall Meeting – Kaua’i Mayoral Candidates

Town Hall Meeting – Kaua’i Mayoral Candidates

July 8, 7pm – Kilauea Theatre, 2490 Keneke Street, Kilauea
Mayor Kawakami will be participating in a Town Hall Meeting that is being organized by the Kaua’i North Shore community members. It will be a great opportunity for voters to meet and hear from all the candidates running for Mayor of Kaua’i County.

Testimonials & Endorsements

“We have known the Kawakami family for 3 generations. As long-time residents of Kauaʻi, their legacy was built on the foundation of a strong work ethic, earning trust through your actions and a humble/practical approach to community leadership. True to his motto of “Honoring Our Past and Building Our Future,” Derek not only embodies these core values but also lives them in every action he takes. Whether it was the flooding on the North Shore or the unprecedented pandemic that we are currently experiencing, he has proven his ability to be the leader we need for the future of our island home.”

“As a child growing up my father always said to me: “It takes integrity, dedication, and courage to be a true leader.” I feel Mayor Kawakami has shared these qualities during these unprecedented times. As we move forward I am confident that he will lead Kauaʻi and her people to a better future. I am proud to support Mayor Kawakamiʻs re-election.”

President of Kauaʻi Skate Ohana
“I fully support Mayor Derek Kawakami and his reelection for a 2nd term as our mayor. Mr. Kawakami has always seen and supported the value our organization and skateboarding brings the youth in our community. He not only understands that skateboarding is a great form of exercise and mental escape from every day stressors but most importantly it ingrains true resilience and confidence in one’s self. This is achieved from repetitive failure, persistence, then achieving one’s goal.”

Heike – Math and Physics Teacher at Island School
Thorsten – Development Engineer with Lam Research Corp

“A few years ago we moved to Kahaheo, Kauaʻi to make this beautiful island our forever home. We have met Mayor Kawakami and experienced firsthand his passion for education. We are proud to endorse Mayor Kawakami for re-election. We respect his energy, pragmatism and focus on affordable housing, education, and infrastructure. And, we also appreciate the investments his administration has made to maintain the Countyʻs parks and recreational areas. We are confident he will continue to move Kauaʻi forward.”

Regional Chief Nurse Executive, HHSC Kauaʻi Region
“His commitment continued once he became Mayor. At the beginning of his term, Derek was forced to make tough decisions in response to the COVID pandemic in efforts to keep us safe. As a healthcare worker I have seen the success of his decisions first hand. Derek has proven himself as a selfless leader who cares for Kauaʻi, his community.”


We stay true to our driving vision: “Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future,” and remain focused on our core RISE initiative goals: Responsive Service; Integrity; Solidarity; and Excellence.